Rhino application upgrade from DotNet framework 3.5 to 4.5


I have a Rhino client application that uses dot net framework 3.5.
Now, I want to upgrade to framework version 4.5.
Here’s what I have done,

  1. Set target framework of my project to 4.5.
  2. I also updated the referenced DLL projects to 4.5. (I know it;s not necessary, but I also need to upgrade those)
  3. Once I upgraded the references to 4.5, my application stopped working. I got this error,
    'OLE error 8013101b ClassID : '.

I googled the error & came to know that it stands for,
‘COR_E_NEWER_RUNTIME’. I tried the solution suggested on MSDN, but it didn’t resolve the issue.

Why am I getting this error? Does Rhino SDK notsupport framework version 4.5?


Hi Nikhil,

4.5 works here.

Do you connect to a database with OLE?


My application is part of a parent application. The parent application uses OLE

Then I think you are using x64 application?

OLE only runs on x86 not on x64.

Can you try to run it on the 32 bit version of rhino.

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Rhino 5 uses the .NET Framework 4.0, as this was the currently available framework when Rhino 5 shipped…

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