Path animation

Hi All,

I am currently trying to produce a some animations using Rhino 5. I have been successful with producing a turn-table animation, but when generating a fly through for some reason the majority of image files are blank…

When the image files are generated the first 2 frames display the object correctly, but then for the rest of the image the image is completely black.

I found that others have had a similar issue, but I couldn’t find any resolution to the problem.
[(Rhino animation and cycles)]

Image of the output files

Can anyone tell me what might be causing this?

Many thanks in advance.

Hello - Does the same animation work in say wireframe?


Note though that Cycles does not exist for Rhino 5. It came to Rhino 6 as Raytraced and powers Rhino Render since Rhino 7.

Great, thanks for the info. guys!