Issue Logging Into Rhino Account on Work Computer

Hey everybody,

Like many people these days, I spend a lot of time working from home. I’ve had a chance to go to the office and install Rhino on my work machine and it’s not letting me log into my Rhino account to verify my serial number. I get the attached error. Any help figuring out what’s causing this?



Some people were reporting trouble connecting this morning, though it sounded like it was sorted now…did you try again just now?

Just tried again, same error. Thanks for your quick response.

Your license and account look fine.

Rhino is asking your Internet browser to contact our servers.
Sometimes this request is ignored and Windows seems to have gone deaf.
The easiest “fix” is to restart Windows. This seems to clear out something and then it works again.
We are developing a different tool for this since Windows clearly can not be relied upon to work correctly.

Any luck?

Just restarted and tried again, same error. I can do a full shutdown and try again.

Yes, restarting Windows is required.

Just did a full shutdown, and I get the same error.

Are you behind a firewall?

That was it, apparently Windows Defender was blocking access. I temporarily disabled it and we’re good now, thanks for all your help!