Rhino 8 SR2 SubD Face Selection Bug?

Hi All,

In Rhino 8 SR2 I cannot consistently (and sometimes not at all) select SubD Faces when in flat mode. Smooth is fine.

Phil Cook

Hi Phil - What is the display mode? So far here this seems OK in shaded modes, impossible to select a face in wireframe no matter what the boxy/smooth state is.


I’m seeing this problem, too. Here’s a video and a file. I’m doing sub-object select (shift-ctrl click). Only happens in boxy mode.

cant select faces.3dm (1.2 MB)

Also, I can’t explode that subd for some reason.

Hi Pascal,

Shaded. Same in Rendered too and it’s only a problem in boxy mode. Some SubD objects are okay (like a SubD plane for example) but a primitive Sphere is an example of something that doesn’t work.


Hi -

I can reliably reproduce not being able to select one of those faces in that file when running Rhino 8.2.23310.18002 but that works fine when running an internal 8.3.23331.22002.

It’s possible that this got fixed with RH-78578 Subobject Selection: SubD face selection is still harder for non-planar ngons

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…the simple example that fails here in SR2 is _SubDSphere Style=Quad Subdivisions=1

faces select in Smooth not in Boxy


Seems to be fixed