Rhino 8 soda

Rendered in Rhino 8 with Rhino Render. Using a Physically Based material with blend textures for Color, Metallic and Roughness, which make color adjustments really flexible.


Sugar free?

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looks amazing!
did you use Texture maps or decals?

My favorite drink is Rhino :sweat_smile: :grimacing:
Good work Thanks :partying_face:

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@kyle there are no decals, just one cylindrical map


Great material!
What is in the bump map for?

Love the ingredients :smiley:

Great model and render as always!

Neat! Is this a completely flat surface or does it have some ‘height’ added for dramatic lighting purposes? (rendering newbie- didn’t think that was what bump is, but again, never done this kind of thing)

The reason I ask: it looks almost like the light is coming from the right against elevated Rhino and letters: highlighting a ridge on the right and darkness in shadow behind the light.


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but also notice the subtle bumpmap on the red background

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Like a second pass of the red coating!