Rhino 8 - Rendering Stuck on "Updating Shaders"


I have been testing out Rhino 8 beta for potential use at work. While attempting to render, the process shows “updating shaders” with a black screen that takes up to 30 minutes to process without change(see image). Would love if you could enlighten me on the correct settings.

Thank you!

For those interested in a solution:

I have figured out the issue! There is a linked reference in rhino v7 with geometry that was causing issues. once that geometry was removed, the model rendered fine.

If this was the first render Rhino might still have been compiling the kernels for the rendering. Try linking back in the referenced rhino 7 geometry and see if it still works.

What I ended up doing was exporting that reference file’s geometry to a rhino 8 file without materials - that seems to have solved the issue.

Will investigate further what caused it… I’m suspecting it’s a material issue.