Rhino 8 regression: Enter should close windows


I’ve noticed Rhino 8 doesn’t close windows anymore, when you type Enter in a field.

Please can we have press-enter-windows-closing back.



Hi Michael- I see that, thanks.
However also see it is inconsistent in V7… some fields close the dialog on Enter and others not.
Hm - I am not so sure I like it closing on Enter … there are many more settings one may want to deal with, Enter confirming a particular one but not closing the entire control seems reasonable… to me.


Hi Pascal,

yes, it seams inconsistent.

I am the Love-Enter-Close guy. When I want to keep windows open I would press Tab or nothing.

Perhaps closing makes sense for the option window, and not for tool windows, where you want to see previews.



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Yeah, I know, that makes perfect sense as well- I do not know if there is a standard or consensus on this in Windows. I think making it consistent would not hurt though, in this case, whichever way it goes. I’ll ask…

RH-82316 Options, DocumentProperties - Close on Enter