No single key input on R8 windows and menus?

I’d like to hit the “n” key to close without saving. It cannot be that I have to navigate to the “No” button and click it. This comment applies to the entire R8 interface - why was the ability to key in a menu item removed?

Yes, I consider it a big deal: I’m forced to precision click so frequently in R8 without the escape valve of the keyboard input option. This is an impingement on my workflow and wrist health.

This worked even in R7. Please find a way to bring it back.

Hello- I am check’ing this, thanks for the report.

Here, if I start a new file, make a change - say add a box, and Ctrl-N for New, then N for No on the save question, both V7 and V8 accept that N and proceed.

If I start a new file, add a box, save the file, make some other change, then Ctrl-N, the N for No is not accepted by either V7 or V8…


Thank you. I think there’s a simpler way to recreate problem #1: open rhino, type “Box” and create one, then click the application close X button at top right of the window, the save dialog shortcut keys do not work on my end.