Rhino 8 - Print doesn't remember last used location

I noticed that destination for Print to PDF always reverts to destination where Rhino file is saved and never remembers the last used destination as it should.
Please fix! Thanks.

If you close Rhino and start a new session, it should change.

If you print the same file, or open another file without closing Rhino, and run Print again, it should “remember” the file location.

That’s the behavior I’m seeing here.
I checked just now.

Not what I see here.Closed Rhino, opened it again. Print always goes to the rhino file location.

Imagine the situation were there’s one rhino file and you need to print 10 PDF’s in one location and then 10 others in another location.
It shouldn’t be saved by session, but by last print option.

Closing and restarting Rhino will reset the current folder to the file location.

I open the rhino file
Print first PDF in a custom location.
Print second PDF - custom location is not saved from the first PDF print.


Same here - it does not remember the location.

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