Last used printer not remembered

When V6 is closed and re-opened, the Print dialog always goes back to the default printer instead of the last-used one. This will be a major hindrance for using V6 with out laser cutters (I would probably venture to say that we won’t switch until it is fixed…)

I know there is a youtrack item for “Print settings are not remembered between sessions”, taggged as “Future”, I don’t know if this problem is included in the issue…

A side issue to this is the left hand column sections View, Margins, etc. are always collapsed, I would like them to be open or remember the last setting, as I need to verify for example if the scale is still set 1:1.

Plus, View> On Paper always reverts to inch, as does the Margins>Position>X and Y.

Thanks, --Mitch

Hi Mitch, thanks, checkin it.

@Helvetosaur - looks like it’s been nudged back to 6.x…


Still not fixed in the first 6.3 RC… :frowning_face:

Still not fixed in 6.4 RC… :frowning_face:

RH-29999 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Cool, just in time to test with our lasers in the upcoming “charrette” in a couple of weeks… --Mitch

OK, the last used printer itself seems to be remembered between sessions now, thanks - however, there are still some minor bugs in the dialog:

Scale “on paper” always defaults back to “inch” even after set to mm:

Position does the same:

Also, we have laser printer driver canned settings that set a custom “paper” (bed) size, so it normally looks like this:

(the custom size is 36" x 24" translated into metric, or 914.40 x 609.60)

When restarting Rhino, the laser is remembered as the last used printer, but the paper size is now listed as
“Arch D” - which is technically correct… I just don’t know if it’s supposed to remember “Custom size” as a setting even if it’s the same as one of the “standard” sizes…

Edit - on the other hand, when it comes up as “Arch D”, even though it is set to landscape, the preview indicates portrait…

As I said, this will get some very extensive testing here starting Monday…


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@stevebaer One other somewhat related thing - I am noticing a slight difference in the 0 reference between V5 and V6. For the laser, we set the 0 in the upper left corner if the sheet/table. With V5, if I vector engrave lines along the X/Y axes, the engraving just touches the laser table edge guides - that is to say the origin in the drawing corresponds exactly with the origin of the laser.

If I open the exact same file with V6 and set the exact same print parameters (margins, etc), the engraved lines are offset about 1mm to the right and down. In both cases I use 0 margins and position upper left. It’s minor, but I don’t know why there should be a difference at all, and I can’t compensate for it easily.

Thx, --Mitch

Using Rhino 6 SR7, 6.7.18183.14071, 07/02/2018.
The default printer and the settings are still not remembered in the Print dialog.

Is there a way to set the default printer by hand in some configuration file somewhere?

Thanks for considering!
Best regards

Here the last used printer (and settings I believe) are remembered…

Rhino 6.18.19266.14201 here.
The printer driver is only remembered when printing from a vieport. When printing from a layout, it still always falls back to “Rhino PDF”.
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Hmm, mine seems to remember the last used printer from a layout too… I did this:

  • Opened a file with a layout, made a layout page active
  • Ctrl+P
  • The printer shown was my default A4 paper printer, I changed to Rhino PDF and printed
  • Closed Rhino
  • Re-opened Rhino and the same file as before, made layout page active
  • Ctrl+P
  • Printer was Rhino PDF, changed it back to my default A4 paper printer and printed
  • Closed Rhino
  • Re-opened Rhino and the same file as before, made layout page active
  • Ctrl+P
  • Printer shown was my default A4 paper printer…

Made a new document, added a layout page, changed the printer to something NOT “Rhino PDF” (which is default) - Adobe PDF in this case - printed, saved the file, re-opened file and layout… printer has fallen back to “Rhino PDF”.
Also, after pressing the “Close”-button, the print settings should be remembered, even when nothing was printed, right? (with “Cancel” they should not). Does not work here either.

Can you try this: create a layout, choose some printer other than “Rhino PDF”, click “Close”. Re-open the Print dialog, check the printer…

OK -


Change printer:

Click “Close” then call Print again:


BTW, between sessions, the printer does not default to Rhino PDF, it always remembers the last one used.

(This is the current 6.19 RC - (6.19.19274.11061, 01-Oct-19), not 6.18. And I am running on Windows 8.1 if that makes a difference.)

Thank you! Odd, at my side, it does not work. What could possibly cause that?

Do you have any other settings that are not persistent (that you think should)? The last used printer is written to the settings .xml file stored here:


However, I do see that this entry is only written when Rhino closes. In my case, the last used printer comes up even if I don’t close Rhino, so there must be some temp storage somewhere as well… no idea where/how.

Got it!
Opened the settings file, deleted the lines
< command name=“Layout” >
< entry key=“printer_name”>Rhino PDF
< entry key=“page_width_mm”>297
< entry key=“page_height_mm”>210
< /command>**

… which obviously set the layout printer no matter what. After re-opening Rhino, these lines re-appeared with their default, like so:
< command name=“Layout” >
< entry key=“printer_name” / >
< /command >

… and now it works as expected - the layout printer remembers it’s last setting.
Thanks a lot!!
Best regards

OK, that’s cool, no idea why that was “stuck” but glad it worked!