Rhino 8 precision is broken

Rhino 8 precision is broken.
Please watch the video.
In Rhino 5 (and I think also in version 6 and 7) I’m able to zoom continuously and pick the snap point correctly, no matter how much I zoom in.
In Rhino 8 the highlighted snap doesn’t match with the geometry and sometimes the program can’t find the snap.
I don’t know if in Rhino 8 there are new settins for precision but now I’m encountering many errors in my drawings/models.

Watch also the other video where I’m modifying some parts of an imported dwg. Zooming in I find a lot of errors also if I created the graphic elements correctly.

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Yes the OpenGL DISPLAY becomes noisy if you zoom in enough, the “errors” are NOT with the geometry itself, that’s just the limited accuracy of the OpenGL display, the same reason objects physically miles from the origin look wonky(v5 is probably not doing any OpenGl wireframe curve drawing) and differences may have to do with quirks of drivers and video cards and phases of the moon. Mind you to see this I have to zoom in to where my entire display spans less than 0.001".

Double-precision coordinates are capable of describing the entire solar system down to the position of each molecule. The OpenGl display is considerably less precise.

Hi Jim,

watch this new video. It’s not an OpenGL issue, it’s a broken Rhino 8 precision because in Rhino 7 I can move the square and snap it correctly to the right line.
I’m finding a lot of precision issues with the Rhino 8 version.

Yes it’s the display, at those scales you have no idea what’s the “right” line or point or anything. If you zoom in enough on any OpenGl view, 3D or 2D, you know it eventually becomes a fuzzy mess, this is not new.

It seems like maybe 8 goes wonky in 2D a bit faster than 7, but then I’m testing on different files it may not be apples to apples, and that may just be on my specific hardware and drivers.

Then it’s not a broken or limited AMD or Nvidia OpenGL driver but a broken OpenGL Rhino 8 precision.
In fact in Rhino 7 I’m able to measure correctly the distance and fix the error that Rhino 8 caused.

Yes its not at all new. This happens with every new version of Rhino.
When Rhino5 came out users complained the display when zoomed in was not as accurate as Rhino4. That was fixed.
When Rhino6 came out users complained the display when zoomed in was not as accurate as Rhino5. That was fixed.
When Rhino7 came out users complained the display when zoomed in was not as accurate as Rhino6. That was fixed.

And each time the fix was not quite as good as the previous version but in each case it was greatly improved and was good enough to once again see the microscopic errors that Rhino often makes.

And that of course is the whole point. In Rhino the only quality control is the users and blinding the users so that they can not find errors may seem like a good strategy to McNeel (at least, it seems to be tried with each new version), but if that succeeds its going to backfire.

hi @gabrielefx thanks for reporting,

I created this issue RH-81185 Curves move around when zooming in closely


Thanks for looking into this.
Here is another thread on the same subject.

In that thread I posted a file that demonstrates how bad Rhino8 is when zoomed in close. In Rhino7 you can open that file and clearly see that there are 4 curves and one point in the scene. Open that file in Rhino8 and you will have no idea what you are looking at. The point in the scene is the only thing that displays correctly in Rhino8 at that zoom level. In Rhino8 you can actually measure where the endpoint of each of those lines is located, but its extremely difficult to snap to the endpoints because they are not at all close to where they are being displayed on the screen.

FYI: RH-81185 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 6 Release Candidate.

RH-81185 is also fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 6.