Rhino 5 Osnaps snapping but upon zoom in appear unsnapped

I move one object to another using a snap. When I zoom in the two objects appear not to be in the same place. When I mouse over them rhino claims they are in the same positing, claiming there is an intersection at that point however I can still move one object further to the location of the snap. this only occurs if I zoom in incredibly far however after working with a file for a while the small distances are adding up.

Rhino Problem.3dm (47.4 KB)

The first photo is of what appears to be properly snapped geometry, the second is of what the file looks like when I zoom in.

Hi - I suppose that it depends on how far “incredibly far” actually is. When you are zoomed in very far, you can use the Distance command to check the distance between those two points. What does it return on your system?

With your file and Document Properties > Units > Distance display > Display precision set to 1.0000000, I get the following:

If you have a case where this is a real issue, please let us know.

Thanks, I also realized it returns 0.00mm and I turned the tolerance up and it still returns a value of 0.

I guess the question I have is, I there a reason why the geometry appears this way and is there a way to correct it?

Hi - the reason is that the display calculations run into numerical fuzz when zoomed in extremely close to an object. There have been improvements over the years (such as RH-44895 in Rhino 6) but I don’t think this issue will ever completely go away. Perhaps @stevebaer will correct me on this one…

In this picture from your file in Rhino 7, the radius of the red circle in the top left viewport is 0.00000346174 units.

Note that this is a display issue only and doesn’t impact modeling precision. All objects are within document tolerances.