Rhino 8 Performance concerns

Hi Gabriele -

The one McNeel developer in this thread requested a 3dm file so that we can try to reproduce the behavior.

You didn’t include a file in that post either but that scene appears to be consisting of curves only. We have a YouTrack item about curve drawing optimization (RH-62625 - not public) to which I could add your file if you post that.

From the description by the OP in this thread, something else appears to be going on here, though…

Unfortunately, I cannot send you the exact file. However, I have created a simplified version that is about 267MB. I can share this file with you. How would you like me to send it?


Here’s our upload site

Hi Steve,

I’ve uploaded the file. Thanks for looking into this.

Please note that this file is about half the size of our project file, but you can still notice some performance issues when comparing it with Rhino 7 side by side.

I don’t see the select element issue anymore in this file. I’m guessing the blocks in the original file are causing the slowdown. I recommend trying the following to observe the performance differences between Rhino 8 and 7:

  • Copying elements to the clipboard
  • Scrolling through materials
  • Making changes to materials
  • Expanding and minimizing layers
  • Scrolling through layers
  • Creating and deleting layers

You’ll notice a slight delay with this file, but there are significant delays in our actual project.

Thank you so much for your time.

Same with us. Many colleagues dislike RH8 because it is slower. Even though we did not measure it exactly, it simply feels slower for many tasks.
Most of them operate on laptops with hybrid graphic cards (NVIDIA).

We are using SetDotNetRuntime with NETFramework, as some of our plugins still need that.


Just realized once teaching footwear design to a company, today. I carry a habit of leaving “Always record history” enabled. However, I turned it off when trying to show few things with it, and immediately felt performance jump and much snappier with Rhino 8 UI.

Is Rhino 8 UI coding a total overhaul from Rhino 7?

If you can share more details, which tasks are feeling slower and / or share a file it would be appreciated.


It depends on what needs to be updated by Record History. Or are you saying the same file doesn’t show a difference with History Recording on in Rhino 7?