Rhino 8 - No more embedded files folder?

Hi folks!

Has anybody had an issue with Rhino 8 no longer creating a folder for embedded files and instead just dumping images into the folder where the file is located? In Rhino 7 these would be collected in an auto generated folder, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. Is this a setting I can change? or is this a glitch that needs attention?

Thanks for any help!

i am not fully sure but it sounds a lot like this, go to the advanced settings and make sure you have this set to false, it will then create a folder again instead of a temporary file.

i have it set to true because i actually like the folder not to be shown once i completed work.

Hi Cara -

Which version of Rhino 8 are you running?

8.6.24101.05002 is the version I’m running

Interesting, mine was already set to false, but no folder. hmmmm…

This is fixed at least in internal 8.8 build, not sure if the fix was already made in 8.7. You could try setting update frequency to service release candidate and update ro the latesr src. Change via Rhinoceros > Preferences > General

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