Can we please get rid of the embedded files folder finally

in Rhino 5 i can remember, embedding files did never create an extra folder. when i am correct all this started with rhino 6. then there were some words that this was by accident, either somebody gave me wrong information or the entire thing was misunderstood. but fact is that now i have these folders lingering all over the place and fun fact, if i delete that folder it is still embedded and nothing lost. so whats that nonsense? i have read that this was wished by a handful of developers to have the guts hanging out because it was easier for them to access it. why does everbody have to suffer on it now? any other application i know embeds the files inside of the actual file. that is what i call embedded. having an extra folder created and the files copied into it is simply not embedded, i call that copying the file into a new folder which i dont want to see.

not only does it create a mess, but it doubles the storage space wasting precious expensive resources.

so is there any basis of discussion?

If you don’t want to see them, set Renderer Development Kit.Settings.RendererSupport.AlwaysUnpackEmbeddedFilesToTemp to True.

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hMMmm… is that on by default? i actually had meddled with this setting a while ago so i am not sure if i had turned it off misunderstanding the intend or if this setting had gotten lost while updating etc… but i remember that i changed it and it did not help… i will observe it now once more, thanks for pointing it out.

also, does that still create a folder which will be hidden, or deleted once closed? i am still not understanding the idea.

oh i just remembered something more, somebody said that it actually happens when you get a new file and it will only unpack it once. is there a full explanation what it is for somewhere?