Rhino 8 mac random hatches

I’ve created a plan section with the new section command in Rhino 8 Mac.
Then, I created the hatch (45 degrees) that shows the parts sectioned, but the hatch direction is random.

Hi Roy -
I have no idea what I’m looking at in that screenshot. Could you post a 3dm file and the name of the commands that are involved in the workflow?

Hi Wim,
I’m testing the section tool integrated into Rhino 8 Mac. I will ask You some questions starting from this one:

  1. When I create a drawing, the command automatically creates the layers I’ve sent in the screenshot.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 11.44.43

What are the layers of DrawingHatch and DrawingSolid? In my many tests, nothing goes in there.

  1. I’ve created a simple section plan with the clipping plane that has a hatch at 45 degrees

But, when creating the 2D drawing, the hatch disappeared.

Can I find a guide that better explains the use and all the commands of this feature (new section tool in Rhino 8 for Mac)? The tool is potent but seems a bit complicated in the way to use it correctly (but probably because I don’t understand yet very well the way is intended to work)

Hatch Issue.3dm (6.7 MB)

This is the file where I can’t set the proper hatches on the Layout page. I can’t set in the same direction for all the hatches. More than this, if I try to modify the hatches and then save the file, the file dimension grows from 7 MB to 109 MB.