Rhino 8 for Mac - User Interface - UX

Hi -

This setting seems to be available in a current 8.1 release.

I’m not sure if that’s related, but that also seems to work fine here on macOS.

when will the 8.1 be available? i saw the color preview has been fixed for this release. but that was around a month ago, and we still have 8.0 shootmedead whatnot number (8.0.23304.09002, 2023-10-31)

in principle, 21 of Nov.

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As always, there’s both the final SR (8.0 in this case) and the public release candidate for the next SR. 8.1 releases have been publicly available for quite some time now.

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I have two questions (both illustrated in the screenshot).

  1. where did the command option go?
  2. how to recover space from toolbar? (top and bottom the same case)

Thx for any help

Hi Michał -

I’m not able to reproduce that behavior here. When I restore the Default window layout and close the top container from the gear menu, there is no empty space left over in that area. What are the step you take to reproduce this?

To be honest I don’t know how either.
It’s look like this…

@jasinskimichal I cannot reproduce this either here on my Mac. pls run _SystemInfo and post back the results. If you restore the default window layout (Window > Window Layouts > Default) does it come back to normal?

I don’t know how but I managed to turn it off… but I can’t tell you how I did it… hopefully in the next update when it comes out they will fix these bugs to make it work right away.