Polish Translation for Container

I’ve just noticed how unfortunate, in some cases, the translation to Polish language is.
ZBIORNIK (container) is something that you store liquid or fine grain in or it could stand for pond, lake etc.
I know it is difficult to translate this kind of things and this was a reason I have never installed any other language than US, even for OS.
It takes more letters (signs) to display same message and it can lead to something ridiculous like porzwyś in AutoCAD (draworder).
Do you just rely on a Google Translator or do you have someone in your team who, natively, speak Polish?
PS I remember, in my young years, when I was working in Polish studio, we were talking about work using English commands like: trim, offset etc. Polish words seemed so incorrect there.

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Hi Pierre-Edwin -

Layers are part of the 3dm template file that you set to be the default from the splash screen. When you have your custom template file open, you can use SaveAsTemplate to save it to the Template Files folder so that it shows up in the list on the splash screen.

Toolbars are part of the global settings. When you have modified the UI, you can save your custom window layout the way @jasinskimichal has shown.

Hej Piotr - how would you translate it?

This is tough one and the right answer can only come in conjunction with reading the whole glossary.
It is like stepping on a mine field. Someone, actually, may like that choice of word, but I can try.

Just to prove my point: when you type zbiornik in search bar, these thing pops up:

There is some association though as zbierać means gathering or collecting things and it is about gathering the selected tools into one, but for me, it is too distant shot.

If we understand CONTAINER as a user’s tool selection, then more appropriates word would be:

PIÓRNIK, which stand for container for set of tools (used in primary schools :smile:)

KONTENER, which is the straightforward translation and is used in such cases:

The text under image reads container for tools.

WARSZTAT, this a volumetric word that can be used with many professions. You can have a modeller’s workshop, draftsman’s workshop, render man’s workshop etc.

Fixing one word is not going to help. You’d need to survey the Polish users to see if they are happy with naming. My experience says there’s never been one.
If you seriously consider improving those things I can help you, targeting V9. My sister is Harvard Phd in English literature. For me, English is not second, not even the third language but together we could do miracles. But this is not something we can do over the weekend.
Example. The English toolbar is translated to pasek narzędzi, 5 syllables replacing 2. It is one of the reasons English dominated in our studio - we were lazy at speaking :smile:

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Hi Piotr, I’m responsible for the Polish translation. My colleague Marta is currently the main translator. We do our best to discuss new or existing strings in the Rhino interface. Actually, we discussed the “container” and I decided to call it “zbiornik”. I always encourage the users who use the Polish interface to send me any improvement suggestions. Unfortunately in reality it is fixing words one by one based on what you see in Rhino after you update the translation. The way it works now you are not really sure which exact part of the interface you are translating and, as you know, there are many English words that have different translations in Polish, taking into account not only the referent but also the cases and types of a noun. So often you need to make a guess and then wait when you or another user come across an incorrect translation.
I’d be grateful if you can send me your suggestion for “container” and possible other strings you find wrong.

I don’t have a Polish version installed but simply looking at this menu:

Edytuj, Przekształć, Renderuj sounds like a commands. Why there is Szkicowanie, instead of Szkicuj?
Why Szkicowanie instead of simple Szkic?
I’d use Transformuj instead of Przekształć.
In general, you could stick to nouns only:
Edycja, Widok, Krzywe, Powierzchnia, SubD, Bryła, Siatka, Szkic, Transformacja, Narzędzia, Analiza, Render, Okno, Pomoc.
Does Siatka stands for Mesh? How did you translate Grid then?
Never ever in my entire life I’ve heard other words for Mesh than Mesh or “Polonised” Mesz.
I’ve also noticed that Dimensions in Windows version are Szkicowanie here.
What is this part of menu doing in Mac? Free hand drafting or dimensioning? If so, this is plain wrong.
Use Wymiaruj, or Wymiary, or Wymiarowanie.

I’m not judging the quality of translation at all. I know it is a bread hard to earn. I’m only looking at it from absolute beginner’s pov thinking how would this help me to understand the software quicker and better.

This kind of stuff is also common in other languages - in German Toolbar is Werkzeugleiste (4 syllables) or in French 2 words Barre d'Outils - by reason of contractions only 3 syllables.

One of the worst in French is Loft which gets “Surface par sections” (also 5 syllables) and of course German with its building block word structure makes for very long command names like BoolescheOperationVon2Objekten for Boolean2Objects (already long in English).

I don’t even dare to think how Loft has been translated. I keep thinking and can’t come with anything that would allow to describe this function in less than 3 words, let alone the syllables.
BTW I know Ukrainian, being one of the most beautiful languages, is very creative in this regard, though often borrows words from English eg. office - ofis.

LOL, “Loft” used to be “Wyciągnięcie po profilach” but a couple of years ago I decided to change to simply “Loft”. This change is still being propagated across the interface. The old version is fighting back and jumping out of hiding now and then. Translating such a complicated inteface (in regard to number of strings) is a guerrilla war.

Loft is the great example where translation is hopeless and justifies simple copying the word from other language.