Rhino 8 evaluation after the 90-day trial expires?

I have Rhino 8 evaluation whose 90-day trial period expired a couple of months ago. According to the downloading page (see the link below), Rhino 8 evaluation is supposed to work with limited functionality (no saving and plug-ins will stop working) after the trial period. However, the program will not start and requires a license key. I’m still logged in my account for Rhino 7, so the only option that the pop-up window of Rhino 8 gives me is to either log off or buy a license.


I reach to the point where I’m asked to enter my license and then I’m given the option to run Rhino 8 without saving. At that point a new pop-up window appears called “Validate your Rhinoceros 8 license”, asking for my name, address and phone number, even though I’m already logged in into my account. :slight_smile: If I try to skip that, the window freezes.

After several attempts the aforementioned window finally loaded, opened my Internet browser and I had to log in again into my account. Once I did that, a new pop-up window appeared (the same that shows up initially) claiming the following:

Any help? I just wanted to try some tools of the latest Rhino 8 evaluation to compare with Rhino 7 and see if there are some meaningful improvements. :slight_smile:

There was another thread on this a few days ago. I think the answer was that you need a local license, not a Cloud Zoo one…

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Thank you! I just tried that, but I can’t figure out how to change my license type. :slight_smile: At least I can’t see any button that swaps the license to local.

Does anybody know a page where I can read a tutorial how to change the license type?

I found the other thread. This may help: Rhino 8 Doesn't Open After Trial License Expires - #6 by bigpiper246

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Not sure what’s wrong, but that solution will not work here. There is no option called “stand-alone”. :slight_smile:

The problem is that I can’t switch my license from Cloud Zoo to local, because the Zoo server can’t connect automatically.

When I enter my license key, the following message appears:

Looks like that is your R7 licence? You need to be doing this with your R8 eval licence.

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That’s the LAN Zoo, not the cloud zoo. Connect to your Rhino account and go to licenses…

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How to connect to that? Via the website maybe?

Yes, or accounts.rhino3d.com

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Thank you! I think that I found something. Should I click on that red button?

Edit: I just removed the license for Rhino 8 evaluation that way.

OK, I think that it’s all set now. I was able to run Rhino 8 evaluation again. Thank you for our time to both of you! :slight_smile: