Rhino 8 Doesn't Open After Trial License Expires

I know it sounds funny to say that it might be a bug for Rhino to stop working after the trial license expires, but I was under the impression that it should still open and work, but that it would no longer be able to save work and that plug-ins would not function.

When I try to open it, the splash screen opens as though it’s going to open, but then that disappears and I get this:


  • If I click “Try Again”, it just goes back to this window.

  • If I click “Add a Licence,” I get brought to the internet and asked for a license key, which I don’t have.

  • If I close the window, it gives me a log-in window, and when I log in, it brings me back to this window.

  • If I close the window again, I get this message and Rhino exits.

If this is working as intended, that’s cool, but you might want to consider rewording the stuff about it will continue to work except for saving files and plug-ins.

If it’s not what you all intended, well, hopefully this is helpful.

You need to remove the license from your Rhino account and install it locally. Expired licenses only work as viewers when installed locally, not in a Rhino account.



If I do that, do you happen to know if I will be prevented from getting the ZOO license later? I kind of like the ZOO license. If money were no issue, I’d just buy it now, and I might anyway, but since I use Rhino mainly to make instructional YouTube videos, and since money is kind of tight for me right now, I wanted to see if I could get by without the ability to save…just to kind of push off the expense as long as I could.

An evaluation license is just that. It has nothing to do with a paid license. You can put the paid license when you get it in your Rhino account, no problem.

So, for future reference, if you remove your license, first you need to find your license key, which you can see via a link called “see all the licenses you own” and not at all under “manage your licenses” where you do the removal. But I figured this out too late.

I removed my license and figured the “serial number” shown there was the license key. So I copied it before removing it, but apparently a serial number is not a license key. Later I noticed the “see all the licenses you own” and see that there it displays my actual license keys, but it only shows keys for licenses that are on my account, and the eval license for Rhino 8 is no longer on my account because I removed it. And, for whatever reason, I do not have an email from them with my license key, which is strange because I almost never delete emails. (I wonder what the point of a serial number is from the user’s POV? Really wish they had put the license key there.)

Anyway, I’ve emailed their licensing dept, hoping they can retrieve my license via the serial number or my email but I’m sure they’re closed.

You can fix this yourself.

No, a Serial number is not the same thing as a license key.
If you go back to the Download page, click on the link for an eval license, enter your email address if asked, and agree to the EULA.
You will be shown your expired license key.
Then you can add it “stand-alone” so you can run Rhino without Save/Export or loading plug-ins.

Any luck?

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Yes! Thank you! Now at least I can see if I can do the things I need to do with this limited functionality.