Block Manager List Isn't Alphabetized

After reading through some of the forum posts, I’m under the impression that in Rhino 7, the list of blocks in block manager should be alphabetized, but mine however are being listed in the random order they were added to the file. This is in Rhino for Mac - are they supposed to be sorted alphabetically in the Mac version, or is that only a feature of the windows version?

Thank you for any help on this

Hi @theresa,

Yep, this is on the to-do list.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

Thanks for letting me know, that would be a very helpful update.

Hi @dale,

Please ani update on this topic? Sorting Blocks is crutial when working in architecture with large number of blocks. It comes even more complex with xrefed files. Sorting in folders like in layer toolbar would be really appreciated.

Many thanks!


Hi Tom -

RH-59136 is currently on the 8.x list.
The block manager is actively being worked on but it doesn’t look like sorting is a feature that is thought to be in the first versions of Rhino 8 when that gets released.
In the current WIP, you can filter the list of blocks by name…