BlockManager columns

RH-79684 is indeed fixed in 8.4.24016.19001, thanks!

Another one (if you can call it a ‘glitch’):

  • The new Block Definitions panel doesn’t seem to have column headers (like the Layer panel), so the distance to the count column cannot be set (which is pretty wide).



Edit: same goes for the new Properties panel.

In R7, it was possible to grab the input field border and adjust it:

since this is “another one”, I’ve put it in another thread…

That’s what it looks like here:

RH-79819 Properties: Resize columns

Sure, thanks! (Yes, not too much stuff in one thread)

Ok, strange… then mine must be broken. Definitely no header bar here. Something I can try?

Hi Eugen - does it change anything to float/undock the block manager panel and reszise it?


I have never seen these column headers either. Maybe this is a windows only feature ?

No change:

In my scene there were plenty of block definitions. I checked if it helps if there are only a few - same issue.

I’m on windows.

Ok then I guess it is a 8.5 feature. I’ve seen blocks sorting mentioned with 8.5 elsewhere

Edit : here