Rhino 8 BETA plugin bug: RhinoCAM 2021

I am noticing that Rhino 8 BETA does not show RhinoCAM 2021 window contents consistently. Here’s what I’m seeing (note the empty window contents):

This is the same plugin (RhinoCAM 2021) in Rhino 7:

I can undock a window and re-dock the window, and the contents appear:

Similarly, I can undock the other window and re-dock to show the contents:

I also notice that the close button (red “x”) is there in Rhino7:

but there’s not close button in Rhino8 BETA:

After the above, when I select the RhinoCAM 2021 on the menu bar and select MILL, normally this would hide all of the RhinoCAM windows in Rhino7, but in Rhino 8 BETA, it just hides the window contents but doesn’t close the docked windows:


You probably want to contact Mecsoft directly on this. I’m not sure if running RC 2021 will be supported in V8. I will check with the current 2023 version to see if this is still the case.

Hi Matthew -

Does any of this change if you change the .NET runtime in Rhino 8 from Core to Framework? You can do this with the SetDotNetRuntime command and you need to restart Rhino after changing this.

RhinoCAM 2023 is the Rhino 8 version. The Framework change will not fix UI/panel problems.

Currently unable to load RC 2023 into current V8 Beta… (trying to reference the plug-in that is in the V7 plug-ins directory, where it is already installed and runs in V7)

Will consult with Mecsoft on this.