Plugin's window duplicate


I have a small problem with a plugin I installed.

In Rhino 7 it is working perfectly. The same goes for Rhino 8 but for some reason I have multiple instances of my plugin everytime I open Rhino 8, one instance in my panels on the right and a second one floating anywhere.

  • If I close the floating one and use the options in the panel one, the floating reappears everytime. But if I close the one in the panel, put the floating at his place then it won’t appear again but I got this little problem everytime I open Rhino 8 which is starting to be bothersome at some point.
  • If I open Rhino 8 but don’t close the floating one, then the second time I open Rhino 8 a 3rd floating panel will appear.

I couldn’t find what could be the problem in the code to create a new panel everytime especially when the problem occur only on Rhino 8 and nothing on the 7.

Does someone got an idea on how to resolve this ?