Latest WiP, small but annoying issues

  1. It started appearing on a welcome screen after latest update

    Going into Details, checking box doesn’t help

  2. I quit session in perspective view, file opens again in right view

  3. Draft Angle Analysis and Edge Continuity tools won’t stick to panel and needs to be loaded with each session.

#1 - That’s normal on the initial run to get the plug-ins registered. After that, they are demand loaded. When you close and restart Rhino the second time, you will not see those loading again.

#2 - If I Save the file with the Perspective viewport current, when I open the file it is still current. I tested this with all 4 viewports. However, if Open a file, change the current viewport and close Rhino, nothing new was saved so reopening does not remember this previous session viewport change.

#3 - Those two panels are not surviving a restart. It seems like a bug.

All three are persistent issues. I wouldn’t bother you if only restart was required.
No.1&2 appears also in v6, just checked. (No.3 is a bug in V7).
It may be a long shot but it started when Notification tab started popping up again.
We have talked about blocking it from startup.

That is a clue too.
It sounds like something is interfering with the initial registration of the plug-ins.
Try this:
With ALL Rhino sessions closed, right click on the Rhino Desktop shortcut, and choose Run as Administrator.
You will see them loading again but with elevated rights, they should register.
Then close Rhino and start normally.
Is the message gone?

They didn’t register but I manually disabled them in Details as an administrator and they don’t load again (which is what I wanted).
I do often disable things I don’t need at all (for quicker session loading), let’s say 20-30 extentions, but only these caused error.