Rhino 8 BETA: Clipping drawing related bugs

Delete clipping plane and then undo bug: Still in the curren Rhino 8 BETA version
(8.0.23292.13303, 2023-10-19)

Continuing the discussion from Rhino 8 Beta - Clipping Drawing Bug:

The “bug” wasn’t properly investigated and I found now that it does not
matter as long as clipping plane / clipping drawing is 1 to 1 (showing the same/correct geometry).

That means if You delete the clipping plane (in 1 to 1) the clipping drawing is removed correctly
and an undo recovers enough so the clipping drawing works as before it is deleted. So far no problem.

But if You move the clipping plane outside the geometry such that the clipping drawing should show
nothing (it shows the last geometry before the move).

Then delete the clipping plane (Clipping drawing is deleted correctly)

Then UNDO (Clipping deawing is recreated, correctly)

Then try to move the clipping plane! (Clipping drawing geometry does not change FALSE)

The Clipping Drawing have now lost connection with the clipping plane, I thought this bug
had to do with the “missing” layers but they may not be required.

Somebody reported actually this bug earlier but did not describe the exact steps.
I think I got it “nailed” now and if somebody bother to read this, I will be able to guide
those, if the description is not enough to recreate the bug.

Hei Odd -

Takker - I was able to reproduce this here with those steps.
RH-78048 ClippingDrawings: Undo issue

Got the version (8.0.23304.9001, 2023-10-31) not beta, now and the bug is still there!
I guess be careful with Clipping plane/ClippingDrawings don’t delete/undo.