Rhino 7 Wip mac _circle (bug) not working

Version 7 WIP (7.0.20035.16026, 2020-02-04)
Expires March 20, 2020

the _circle command does not work.
(numeric input and mouse-input)
no circle is added to the document
no object is found
no object is selected with _sellast after trying to draw a circle

best tom

Rhino 7 SR0 2020-2-4 (Public Build, 7.0.20035.16026, Git hash:master @ db23b6847f52eaabea115dd0f5f67e17e4997ea4)

Works fine for me. Do you maybe have a non-english version in use?

completely english - mac os x 10.15.3
systemInfoTom.txt (10.0 KB)
but i still have an issue with the wip licence… but don t think that s the point.
i fix the licence stuff, do a restart and send more comments…

sorry - restart - still no circle
see attached video first mouse-interaction input, second numeric input 0, r=1.0

Hi Tom,

is it just circles? Can you please try to create a SubD primitive.
Does it work?

updated to
Version 7 WIP (7.0.20049.16056, 2020-02-18)
Expires April 3, 2020
_circle not working
also SubD-Primitives not working.
; -(

hi @Tom_ does your RibbonOffset command produce geometry by chance? I’m trying to narrow what these commands have in common and RibbonOffset might help me narrow this down if that command works.

We are working hard to reproduce this, but so far we have not been able to. @Tom_ , it’s a bit of a stretch, but could you please run the ExportPreferences command, save the preferences file and post it here? I’d like to try yet again with your preferences.

tomsPrefs.plist (334.7 KB)

_ribbon works
_ribbonOffset -> no result, even no command options.
“select closed curve to offset” -> selection -> nothing
_selLast -> is empty

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We finally managed to reproduce this. It appears to be related to stand-alone licenses (non-Cloud Zoo licenses). This gives us plenty to work with.

sorry for the workload… happy to help … rhino is a great piece of software, and it s nice to be able to give input during the development… take care, best from Switzerland, with spring like temperature. …

(OT, but no kidding, it’s mid-February and my students and I were sitting on the lakeside today eating sandwiches for lunch in 10° C sunny weather (when it should be around 0°); we were up in the mountains at about 1300 meters last Sunday and it was 14°…!)

Hi Dan, I am also experiencing this problem as well (not being able to produce circles). I’ve also noticed that Grasshopper is giving me error messages I have not seen before (Could not load file or assembly 'Panelin…re=nuetral PublicKeyToken=0" or one of its dependencies.) for components like divide distance. These started happening at the same time so not sure if it’s my lack of knowledge of grasshopper or if these could be related… thanks a bunch.

This issue ought to be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP.

yes. works here after updating to
Version 7 WIP (7.0.20056.12036, 2020-02-25)
_circle works
_ribbonOffset with option Sweep2 gives result
_subDCone _subDBox _subDCylinder all work.
Thanks - best regards - tom