Minor Bug in Rhino 7 When Loading RUI Files (Switched Icons/Commands)

This is a bug report for an issue that is not really a blocker but it’s definitely an annoyance. The issue only exists in Rhino 7 and I have not be able to recreate it in Rhino 8. The primary issue is that I have a simple RUI file with 4 commands and 4 icons. When I first load the RUI file into Rhino 7, the icons are correctly matched with the commands. For example, the PO_ShadowStudy is matched with the appropriate icon:

… and the PO_North command is matched with the appropriate icon:

However, as soon as I move it into the toolbar, the icons become mismatched with the command. For example, the PO_ShadowStudy command is matched with the PO_North icon:

… and the PO_North command is matched with the `PO_ShadowStudy icon:

Here is a short animated GIF showing the process of things becoming mismatched:

And here is the simple 4-command RUI and RHP for you to recreate the issue on your end:

Pollination.Rhino.LBT.rui (23.1 KB)
Pollination.Rhino.LBT.rhp (76.5 KB)

Note that the commands in the .rhp will show up but they won’t be fully functional unless you have our Pollination plugin installed. But you should not need the commands to be fully functional in order to recreate the bug.

Also note that the RUI was built using the Rhino 8 ScriptEditor that @eirannejad put together. So, if there’s a way for me to temporarily patch this by just editing the RUI file, I would be interested in knowing this. Thanks, as always.

hi @chris12 I could not reproduce that behavior here,

Could there be some mismatch of earlier versions that you installed during testing perhaps? Can you verify that you test this by dragging the rhp into a ‘clean’ Rhino 7 that has no traces of the plugin you are installing? Other than that I cannot think of a reason this could happen.
Pls. run _SystemInfo in Rhino 7 to see if there are no plugins loaded, and post the results, before as well as after you installed the rhp

Thank you for the quick response, @Gijs .

That is a relief to know that you have not been able to recreate it on your end. I think you may be right that the issue results from an older version of an RHP that I had installed because I think the first version that I tested a week ago may have had these icons swapped. In that case, the reason why I’m reporting it as a Rhino 7 bug is because I was successfully able to clear out the artifacts of the old version in Rhino 8 but I have been unable to do so in Rhino 7. Uninstalling all Rhino 7 plugins and reinstalling my RHP does not work. Nor does uninstalling Rhino 7 and reinstalling Rhino 7. So I assume that there is some user-specific file that is messing things up, which I need to delete and have it regenerate.

Here is the result of the _SystemInfo command after I have uninstalled all Rhino plugins:

And after I install the .rhp again, this is what the command shows:

As I said, the icons and the commands are still mimatched for me after uninstalling all plugins and reinstalling the rhp that I posted here.

Because the issue seems specific to my machine, this is not as critical as I first thought. But I would appreciate any thoughts on what files I need to clear out to remove all old traces of a plugin in Rhino 7.

Actually, I think I was able to answer my own question by searching through the Rhino documentation and finding this paragraph of text about uninstalling plugins:

I was just unaware that there is no official way to completely uninstall a .rhp without opening up the Windows Registry Editor. When I did this, I found a bunch of old plugin installations that were hanging around:

After I deleted them and installed the new .rhp, I was finally able to get the icons correctly matched on my system.

In any event, I apologize for the rookie mistake, @Gijs and thanks again for the quick response. Now I know that I just have to be diligent about editing the registry if I’m trying to remove an old plugin.

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Good to hear @chris12
Yes that’s what I was going to suggest next, to remove the registry entry, I’m happy to read you found that already.

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