Rhino 7/Grasshopper Project point not working

Hi. I’ve just started to use Rhino 7 and when I use “Project point” in grasshopper, it’s not able to project all the points. This is not an issue in Rhino 6. Does anyone have a workaround, or is this a bug?

PointToMesh.gh (8.1 MB)

I could replicate your problem in my current RH7.
There are ongoing reworks on some mesh methods, so i tried to install latest Service Release Candidate and the problem is fixed now!
On 7.2.21005.13001

Note that you can spare yourself from some problem if you try to work near origin and with properly scaled geometries (wise choice of units). Your geometries are huge and far from origin.

Thank you, I will check out the SR candidate. The reason for the distance to origin is that this is geometry in world coordinates. I am aware of some of the drawbacks, but it has worked well so far.