Rhino 7 performance and other minor issues and upgrade question

I am a rhino 6 commercial user, and I downloaded Rhino7 evaluation to try and see if my workflow is impacted by the upgrade. I plan on using subD at a later point but right now I’m mainly doing workday tasks I normally would do in Rhino 6.

The results have been a little less then expected…

  1. The application seems to still think it is rhino 6 in windows even though rhino 7 has an icon (see task bar)

  2. when doing a render even with basic settings the renderer seems to clock running like (some small number of) 50 passes … Basic renders in rhino 6 take a few seconds. 7 takes minutes. I keep turning down the settings and it’s still very slow… post effects like annotations and edge curves seem to make it even slower.

I also tried adding an effect after the render … and it works but there is a curious note about post effect UI I don’t fully understand (and I’m sure others here will quickly fill me in)

  1. Union/difference commands “seems” slower (have not hard tested this but in general it seems slower)

  2. STL export wizard second screen tends to pop behind the rhino session in windows, also exporting seems a bit slower

  3. I’m surprised that the upgrade fee has more then tripled -or doubled at “special” price but i assume that was necessary for reasons and i still appreciate the fixed price versus subscription model. Being 2020 was the dumpster fire it was, I could not afford this new higher upgrade price so i punted the football and downloaded the eval copy to get me through to Q1 2021. What confuses me is the no upgrade to evaluation copy notice. If I downloaded the evaluation copy as funds were tight as opposed to directly upgrading my Rhino 6 commercial do I need to uninstall the evaluation copy before I can upgrade rhino 6?

Brian Carnes
Sea Dog Game Studios
Dublin Ohio USA

Regarding the rendering in Rhino 7: the engine has been changed. If you’re looking to do renders with not much of indirect lighting you can drop the diffuse, glossy and transparent bounces quite low to 2, maybe even 1. Zero for no indirect lighting. These settings are in the Rendering panel under advanced settings, or through document properties.

Also, it would be good to change to the Service Release Candidate (Help>Check for updates…). Rhino 7.4 has a number of improvements especially regarding memory pressure while rendering with post effects enabled.

Rhino Render in v7 is the same engine as Raytraced in V6 and v7.

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i think the issue I’m having is while i support having a better default renderer then rhino 6, i need to understand how to set up a fast quick and dirty render for purposes of my workflow … I produce 3d printed kits from rhino models and these kits require basic orthographic views for the instructions

these worked fine in rhino 6 … in 7 they are VERY slow and clock my system… HELP!

so a basic render like this used to take seconds - a minute tops - As an example of what i am shooting for …

or …

Here is the rub - i typically render the isocurves/edges. and even turn on fog to remove the harsh shadows on the renders… photorealistic is really not the goal, but rather a good non photo technical reproduction of the model … Tips on how to get rhino 7 to make basic renders like this would be appreciated.