Rhino 7 on Mac M1 under Parallels VM, Windows 11 ARM

I know this is not supported but I want to run some GH plugins that are not available in Mac versions. So I am trying out Rhino 7 and GH on a MacBook M1 in Windows 11 ARM running under Parallels 17 VM. It seems to run ok with one big problem. When I try to save a file I get a dialog box that says “Encountered an improper argument”. After this point Rhino no longer runs although it does save the file. When I try to open an existing file sometimes I see the same dialog box but in any event Rhino locks up and will not run. However if I just start with a new file Rhino seems to run and Grasshopper runs and my plugins so far all seem to run. End result it is not really functional but it feels like it might be a simple fix but I’m not a programmer. Anyone have any ideas on how this might be worked around?

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Good to hear testing news from a m1 user. Apple did drop a bomb to the industry. People are hoping for arm based systems that can run x86 software smoothly. Or software developers give a standalone arm version. This Is not easy to change “family” environment for most coders. It takes time.
By the way, would you like to help testing my little plugin under m1? That would be very helpful. Thank you.

You could possibly try setting auto-save to regular intervals, and see if that saves the file or not.

I have exactly the same issue. And i guess that it could be easily solved. A couple of days ago I contacred the McNeel support and rhey suggested to start a post in the forum. So here I am. Hopefully we can solve it soon. It would be great to use my new computer wirh windows too. The Mac-version of Rhino works fine. But I have a CAM plugin (MADCAM) I would like to use too. Actually I have to use it. Kind regards Florian