Rhino 7 on M1 Max Chip

Hi, everyone,

I just bought a new Macbook Pro with M1 Max processor. Today I downloaded Rhino 7 as a trial version and it’s impossible to work with it.

Before i used Rhino on Windows, so i saved this file with Windows and no i tried to open it at Rhino for mac.

It hangs massively, especially in the 3D view, but also in the top view.

As i said before i was using Rhino on an old Windows machine and it worked great.

Does anyone have this problem and a solution for it?

Many thanks for your help

A quick search will turn up lots of detail on this problem.
V7 will run, but not well on the M1 unless Apple tunes up their Rosetta tools and OpenGL display drivers. There seems very little hope this will happen.

For a while under Big Sur, V7 ray quite well. It’s been downhill since.

The real fix will be V8.
Have a look at the Serengeti category for details on the Work-In-Progress builds.

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Hello John,

many thanks for your response.
Unfortunately I can’t install the Rhino 8 WIP because I only have a test version at the moment…

Is there a release date for version 8 yet?

I don’t see any other way to continue working with Rhino at the moment because it’s just not possible…

No date yet. Not even an internal target date.
You’re just out of luck unless you can find an Intel CPU Mac with an AMD GPU, or use a Windows system for a while.


Ok thanks for your help. So if i would have a Windows notebook with Intel i9 and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060, 6 GB GDDR6, 60 W - this would be sufficient.

Yes, This should work flawlessly.

you would expect Apple to fix it as I’m sure they are using Rhino themselves. Maybe this is their way to hide this fact from the outer world, keeping their openGL fixes strictly internal. Let’s hope V8 is closer than we all expect.

Yes, it would work well.
I have an i7, 16 GB RAM, RTX 3050Ti, and it runs great.

OK, but it’s been 7 years since Metal was first released and OpenGL ES depreciated, possibly even before Rhino was officially released for macOS. Seems to me like you’re just a little late to the party. :slight_smile:

That could be.
As I recall, we had assurances from Apple that OpenGL would continue to be supported.
With both Windows and Mac using OpenGL, it made the Mac Rhino project more reasonable. There was no good reason to start working on Metal display until Apple quit working on the shared display code.
Apple seems to have all but abandoned OpenGL at this point.

That’s where we are for V8.