Macbook M1 for Rhino?

Heard a lot of noise surrounding Rhino not being properly optimised for a macbook user (Grasshopper, CAM, etc)
Would Rhino eventually improve the releases for macbook versions or is upgrading to a macbook considered a bad idea if you are a Rhino user?

V8 will be a native Silicon processor application.

V7 is compiled for the Intel processor so it relies on the “Rosetta” translation layer supplied by Apple.
It’s usable but not great.

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All depends on what you want to do. In current state of released Rhino 7 m1 has lots of issues due to lack of OpenGL support, but mcNeel is working very hard to make it work natively with metal. This will however be in rhino 8 only. The other thing to consider is if there are plugins or other programs that are windows only or Mac only.

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Thank you for the response, I am sorry to ask but will V8 be in a year? or later?

Thank you, just curious as to being able to use Rhino for basic modelling purposes with the m1 macbook

I’d say search the forum for m1 performance and see if you want to take the risk. If you have a rhino 7 license then you’re pretty safe as you can use rhino 8 beta which has metal support.
I don’t have a m1 MacBook so can’t tell if it would work for me. But I have seen how snappy it performed with Adobe Lightroom. It’s incredibly fast and the screens are even more crisp than the previous generation. Subtle, but noticeable.

Most likely next year, 2023