Rhino 7, Object Display issues

Dear Community and Mc Neel programmers…

…i have come across this issue multi times now in rhino 7, i use rhino since 15 years for sure, but only in rhino 7 i discovered these rather severe object display issues, …after worlking at the same file for a few month, copying and mirroring objects several times back and forth, i get these issue of displaying the object not properly, i wonder if there is a setting i am missing , or if its a bug…which hopefully can be fixed and updated,
in the pictures you see the wireframe, perfectly as its meant to be, and when switching to shaded or rendered view , it looks terrible

thank you to all, thank you mcneel

Hi @modiobros
After using Rhino for that long, I’m quite impressed you’ve never run into this issue before, but here goes:
What you are seeing is just the render mesh being too coarse for the size of your details. Take a look here to learn why and how to resolve it.
HTH, Jakob

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thank you for the reply, i will go thru this right away , …indeed this issue apeared before in other rhino versions, but only in 7 i noticed it a lot, i think now maybe because my files also became bigger and bigger.