Rhino 7 notes/complaints: layer delete, and STL settings

Dear team,

today I’ve got these two notes/complaints about Rhino 7:

  1. layers are not deletable anymore with the DEL-key on the keyboard

  2. STL-settings are not saved anymore



This has been reverted (fixed) for the next 7.6 service release.

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Hi Michael, can you clarify? The last-used settings seem to be saved from one use to the next here, even after closing and re-opening Rhino.

Hi Mitch,

here in Rhino 7.4 the STL settings are not saved at all.



Hmm, OK, I’m on 7.5 RC, I don’t know if anything changed between. So you’re saying that it always goes back to the default settings below?


Yes, it looks like. I will test it again in 7.5 final. Thanks.