Rhino 7 not exporting to PDF

Hello everyone!

I have a problem exporting to PDF on Rhino 7. When the issue first appeared Rhino was just messing up my line weights, making all lines appearing heavier than they should be. Then it started taking extremely long to export to PDF (like 30’) still making all line weights heavier than intended. Now I am at a point where I cannot export to PDF at all. It always bugs at the same point on the progress bar (see picture attached). When I cancel the export process, there is also the same note appearing (also attached below). Apart from that, Rhino 7 seems to work properly. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Rhino but the same issue still occurs.

Does anyone have any idea on why is this happening?

Thanks a lot!

Hi -

From those images, it looks like you are having an issue with Adobe Acrobat. What happens when you use the Rhino PDF printer to create the file?

Thank you so much, I changed to Rhino PDF and it works fine!