Rhino 7 Inserting block takes too long?

Hello all,

At my work we use Rhino’s ability to insert Rhino blocks. Recently, we’ve upgraded to Rhino 7 and are in the process importing our settings into Rhino 7 from Rhino 5. What I’ve noticed is that inserting blocks in Rhino 7 is taking too long, much longer compared to Rhino 5.

I assumed it was because the models were made in Rhino 5 and the geometry might be hard for Rhino 7 to read. I made a block in Rhino 7 and imported it to have it take just as long.

I then tried just about everything, including but not limited to updating all GPU drivers, checking for Rhino7 updates, re-installing Rhino 7, etc.

The only thing that I think has made a difference is to set Backdrop environment for reflections off and Sun/Skylight off. I don’t know why but if anyone else has this issue and has found a fix for this, please let me know.

Deep K.


Hi - can you post or upload an example of a block that is behaving like this on your system?

Hello Wim,

This will be type of block we are working with. This block was made in Rhino 7 and there is still a noticeable delay in inserting this compared to something equivalent in Rhino 5.