Rhino 8 Block Manager Seems SLower than 7

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I have to work with .dwg files generated in autocad a lot. I noticed that AutoCAD users tend to use blocks more often than rhino users. Block Manager is a tool I’ve used extensively.

I’ve noticed that the Rhino 8 block manager seems to take longer to open than it did in Rhino 7. I know there were supposed to be a bunch of speed updates, but I have yet to see them. Are we sure that R8 is faster than R7 with block manager?

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R8 Block manager also gets caught up doing things much more readily. Any selection of an entry (like highlighting the line of text, not formally selecting block instances), any properties view, seems to require a full recompute. My computer turns into a jet for minutes at a time even though I’ve made no changes.

This has been reported and we will have improvements coming out soon.


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Amazing! I see that it is slated from 8.7. Do you have an ball park of when it will be released (scale of days, weeks, months)?

8.7 is the current release candidate and available to download.

GetIssueState returns true on RH-81009

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