Rhino 7 for Mac running on M1 max

Hi, Apple is sending me a replacement for my faulty Macbook. This is a M1-max macbook. Can you please confirm that I can run Rhino 7 for mac without problems on this new machine?

Yes, the only thing is that rendering is really slow in raytraced view and when dealing with lots meshes (>1000) viewport performance tends to get laggy. Otherwise, it works fine. I’ve used Rhino on a M1 Max and Ultra.
Things should improve when Metal is finally completely implemented in Rhino 8, which probably won’t ship until sometime in 2023. Let’s be optimistic.

Right…thanks for that. Im getting into 3D scanning as well and noticed that those files are getting big whne uploaded to Rhino. Do you enticipated to be a problem with the M1?

I don’t really work with 3D scanning, but if you want to send me a file, I can test it.
I remember seeing a video about 3D scanning and the M1, where it turned out to be very fast at evaluating the scanned data and meshing it. It wasn’t Rhino though.

Thanks for that, it wouyld be great iof you can test it. It frooze at the old mac. However this test scan file is 6 Gb…it is a Rhino 7 file… How can I get it to you? wetransfer? need your email for that…
Cheers Hans

WeTransfer if you have a pro account, otherwise a cloud service with enough space.