Rhino 7 for mac render view not displaying colors or transparencies

I’m trying to create translucent objects to view in the render viewport, but whenever I apply a default translucent/transparent material, or make a material transparent, the object stays opaque gray. If I create a custom material and make it transparent, it only sometimes works. Sometimes the correct color is displayed only on some sides of an object.

If I render the object, it shows up with the correct color and transparency.

I’m on the latest release of Rhino 7 for mac (just updated today). This behavior wasn’t always the case, a ~few versions back it worked fine. I’m on a 2018 macbook pro 15", with the AMD graphics card and 16GB of RAM. Hopefully this doesn’t mean I need to buy a new computer.


sysinfo.txt (11.9 KB)

test material file.3dm (3.2 MB)


It was the backface settings (settings → display modes → render → shading settings → backface setting. By default the backface setting was “object’s color,” I changed it to “rendering material” and the transparency issue was resolved.

For the issue where only some surfaces were showing up colored, I changed the lighting scheme from “default lighting” to “scene lighting” and it resolved.

Thanks self!

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