Rhino 7 downloaded wont open after changing display settings

hi, I have down loaded Trial version Rhino 7 for windows, i have full version for Mac, but Uni can only use for windows. V7 wont open on windows laptop, even after following previous post for graphics card settings. Have gone into display settings and changed to high performance. using MSI games laptop with intel core 7. Rhino 5 is installed and has worked fine in the past on this windows machine.

Hi -

Have you tried rebooting the PC and then launching Rhino?
Exactly what happens when you launch Rhino and it doesn’t open?
Have you checked the Windows Task Manager to see if there is a Rhino instance running?
In Safe Mode, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

Hi Wim, I have returned to this problem now, have updated NVIDIA drivers, downloaded the 7.15 version Rhino, it wont run in safe mode or administrator. in task manager when you click to run Rhino7 tit shows up draws 45-50meg says moderate to high 10-15%cpu all for a few seconds then all goes to 0.
thanks for any help you can give.

Hi Adam -
Please reboot the machine and start Rhino.
When Rhino doesn’t appear, follow the instructions in this guide: Manually Creating a Memory Dump (DMP File) from an Unresponsive Rhino for Windows [McNeel Wiki]