Rhino 7 Crash after DupMeshEdge on open SubD geometry

I am getting a crash on Rhino 7 when running DupMeshEdge on a SubD object. I have tried it several times and it is consistent. It allows me to select the edge then never completes. Please let me know when you get a chance if this is my system or a bug.



CrashOnSubD.3dm (129.3 KB)

Hi Steve- DupEdge works on single and multiple edges, here, on the object - what edge are you picking, does it matter?


Hello - thanks, sorrry, use DupEdge here - not DupMeshEdge, but I’ll check on DupMeshEdge - sorry, I misread your initial post…

This was fixed at one point and has apparently broken again:
RH-51702 DupEdge: SubD lock up



Sorry did not answer the second part of your question. Does not seem to mater what edge I pick here. I also created a simple object to see if it was specific to the geometry and it happens on both.