What does the SubD Corners option in the quadremesher do?

hi there … i think the Rhino docs have not been updated for this yet since it isn’t mentioned here: QuadReMesh | Rhino 3-D modeling

from playing around with it i can’t really see what it does …


sorry @John_Brock i don’t see this option explained there either. I’m talking about the Subd Corners option in this dialogbox:

i also wanted to ask if the ‘Use Surface Edges’ option is know to be buggy. I’m not having much luck with it, when i select it never completes the calculation or i get the spinning beachball and have to force quit Rhino.

SubD Corners works for certain special cases to try to preserve sharp corners of a SubD

As to your other issues we’ll need more info in order to be helpful.

It’s at the bottom of the Help file article.

ok maybe i’m stupid or just blind but i can’t find anything about this option in the help article, as far as i can see there is no mention of this option in the help article you linked to.

but many thx @Trav that answers my question. As for the issue with the Edges option, when i force quit Rhino i got a message that Rhino crashed and that a debug report would be available in a couple of minutes … where do i find this report so i can provide it to you ?

Hi Chris -

No, that option is not documented. I’ve added DOC-303 to the things to take a look at.

You don’t. When Rhino crashes, hopefully, a Rhino crash reporter window will open and let you send that file.

When Rhino hangs, though, you can manually create a crash dump file and send that over.
Please follow all instructions on this page for help on how to do that.