Rhino 7.4 Not Launching

Hey there,

For some reason, Rhino 7.4 won’t launch on my device (Microsoft Surface Book 3 15-inch i7/32GB/1TB SSD). It doesn’t come up on task manager, and I have tried reinstalling it several times. The graphic specifications are already on high performance re: (Soooo, you bought a laptop with hybrid graphics and rhino doesn't run right. READ THIS).

What next?

Hello - is the machine new? If so, please make sure the Windows installation is completely up to date.


I bought it maybe 8 months ago, and the system is up to date. I recently did a system update in the last week, and I bought the student Rhino in full in the last few days as my temporary subscription was going to run out soon.

I found the solution, I had CITRIX downloaded and apparently that clashes with Rhino. Once I uninstalled CITRIX and restarted my computer, Rhino has been working fine.

Yep - thanks for the update - I forgot that one - Citrix makes a mess for Rhino, we’ve run into this a few times now.