Rhino 7.32 installer blocked by Windows Smart Access Control

What the title says - any fix incoming? I’m not willing to compromise on security just to get my CAD program running.

Fortunately that particular function (Smart APP Control) is turned off in my Win 11 install…

You are the first person reporting a problem with this here that I can see, let’s see if there are any others, or if this is just a false positive… Been running 7.32 for awhile now with no reported issues. Installing 7.33 RC as we speak.

Hi Terry -

When you get a dialog informing you about that, is there a specific file that is mentioned? Could you add screenshots of what you see?
Also, does the WIP of Rhino 8 install without issues?

Windows Smart App Control checks that an app has a valid signature before allowing the app to run. Both the Rhino 7.32 installer downloadable from Rhino - Downloads and the version of Rhino it installs have signatures that Microsoft declare to be valid.

Where are you downloading your copy of Rhino from?

Hey all, I’m downloading from the official link:


Here are the messages I get when trying to install with SAC enabled. Win 11, most recent updates applied. It appears two executables in the installer are blocked


I haven’t tried. I just need this version for which I have a license.

Hi Terry,

Could you upload the full text of the notifications please.


A couple of things to try out:

  1. Download the installer .exe file to a location on your drive rather than running it. Use File Explorer to view the properties of the downloaded file and see whether you need to unblock it, as per this Security message:

  2. After unblocking it if necessary, right click on it and choose Run as Administrator.

These are both common reasons for things not to run, but may be being wrapped up in new clothes by Windows Smart App Control (which most users will not see as it is only available in new installs of Win 11, and then just to users who are deemed “suitable” by Windows).

Any better?


Yeah, their disclaimer basically makes me think that they know this function is very buggy…

What makes somebody a good candidate for Smart App Control?

Essentially, we’re looking to see if Smart App Control is going to get in your way too often. There are some legitimate tasks that corporate users, developers, or others may do regularly that may not be a great experience with Smart App Control running. If we detect during evaluation mode that you’re one of those users, we’ll automatically turn Smart App Control off so you can work with fewer interruptions

Basically it means that you, the customer who has this thing turned on, is doing their debugging for them.

Hi Terry -

I understand. Note that your Rhino 7 license is valid for the Rhino 8 WIP.
I was asking because “something” was fixed with regards to “Smart App Control” in Rhino 8…

The full text jumps away quickly and goes to the notifications area, but here is the expanded notification.

I also noticed the failed install dumped a log file on the desktop, attached below.

Rhino_7_20230816151155.zip (4.9 KB)

Hi @wim

I found a copy of rhiexec.msi in my local package cache and it isn’t signed. Looks like you have to sign the .msi files in addition to the .exe to satisfy Smart App Control and, extrapolating from the file I found, that isn’t happening.



I’ve written this up as RH-76371 Installer: Smart App Control on Windows 11 blocks Rhino installation

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RH-76371 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 33 Release Candidate

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I can’t get the Release Candidate because it requires Rhino 7 to be installed first. Anywhere to DL it?

Hi Terry -

You can find 7 SR 33 RC 2 here → 7.33.23234.14341

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Thank you!


I downloaded 7 SR 33 RC 2 and still have the exact same issues.

Rhino_7_20230831111354.zip (4.8 KB)

log file attached

Hi Terry -
I’ve reopened RH-76371 Installer: Smart App Control on Windows 11 blocks Rhino 7 installation