Rhino 7 - 2D Drawing linked external files as blocks: Visibility in layout, plot styles and workflow

Hi all,

This is my first message here, so first of all thank you everybody for making this amazing resource for Rhino knowledge. Thank you also to the devs for making this software which has been my prefered option for many years and will be for many years to come.

I am an architect, and use Rhino mainly on 2D for drawings (plus 3D for visualizing but no issues there). In my workflow I create a file for each type of drawing, i.e, ground floor, first floor, elevations, sections, etc… so everything is referenced to the same origin and I can link the files together to check there are no incongruences and to speed up the drawing process.

Then, to print, I crete another file where I link all the files as blocks (Insert, Block), where I create all the layouts with their detail views. Inside these detail views, I turn on and off the different linked files-blocks. However, when trying to hit the light bulb of the block it doesn´t work, so I have to turn off the layers directly. Is this a known bug, or am I doing something wrong? I attach a picture of the mentioned light bulb that doesn´t work.

There are also some issues happening from time to time like blocks that had been turned off previously appearing again, so I have to turn them off, meaning the drawing is never “finished” as I have to keep watching over the blocks visibility. So I wonder, is there a better to workflow to work like this? (it is very similar to using XRef in AutoCAD)

Also, maybe there is a chance in a future we can have plot styles by colour? That would make things way easier to print 2D drawings, since you don´t have to check each layer properties.




Just trying to bring this up…anybody has come across similar issues?