Rhino 7 Layouts and Drafting

Hi Guys,

I am having drafting issues with ray traced mode and various other things and I was wondering if someone could help. First off, if printing with rendered mode, no problem whatsoever.

Raytraced Mode doesn’t seem to work in the layout pages at all (or with clipping planes). Every time I raytrace and image (say with my drafting over it) it prints out a rendered image, not a raytraced image.

The other issue I have is make 2D. Make 2D is an awesome function and works tremendously well if you use it with TestWireThicknessScale, PrintDisplay (state on), adjust the lineweights in tools and use -viewcapturetofile with high quality settings to export. The problem here of course, is that it’s not a scaled drawing, rendering it meaningless for architects and students. You also can not use drafting in a model space in layout pages, as the everything goes haywire and doesn’t print properly.

Does anyone have any workarounds for these issues. I love Rhino for its customizability, and I would like to only use rhino from now on, instead of having to use an amalgamation of 5 programs (autocad, illustrator, photoshop, indesign and rhino 7) to produce an image that I like.

Raytraced is awesome, clipping planes are awesome, section tools are awesome, lineweights and layout pages are awesome; hell, Rhino + Grasshopper are awesome. I would like to be able to use all Rhinos best functions to produce a scaled drawing!

To give an example of what I mean, if i had to produce a section of a building I had modelled, I would like to be able to clipping plane it, make 2d, edit those lines over the model (as one might do in layout or model, better in layout I suppose) raytrace it and then print it to scale.

Is there something really simple I am missing?

Hi -

That’s a known issue and I’ve added your vote to get this fixed: RH-48629.
The work-around is to render / raytrace and to use the result as a Picture on the layout.

I’m not sure what that means…

I’m not sure what that means…

It means that if you draft (draw lines etc… in the model space) then you cant print its properly unless you use -viewcapture to file (which is not to scale).



Thanks for adding my name to that vote. I think it would really set Rhino apart from the rest if we could use clipping planes and layouts with raytraced mode properly.