[Rhino 7.2] Spelling error in new command

propery overrrides looks wrong


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Hello -thanks, that has been fixed -please run ToolbarReset and then close and reopen Rhino to get an up to date toolbar file.


I see. Thanks.
After reset the toolbar, it seems there is still an extra ‘r’ in overrrides


Hi - I see that here after ToolbarReset - added to the list as RH-62330.

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Wow, I have a déjà - vu seeing that tripple “r” again :slight_smile:

Just like the extra ‘p’ in ‘tripple’… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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wow :smiley: That “rrr” must be a software virus that spreads everyhere!

Problem still exists in (7.2.21021.7001, 1/21/2021)

Spelling error still exists in (7.3.21039.11201, 2/8/2021).