Bug? duplicate warning message

Just installed R6 without uninstalling R5 first, and have immediately some seemingly bugs:

for example, when rebuild a crv, if I put down 12 as crv degree, Rhino will give me a warning that it needs to be below 11, but instead of one warning msg box, it pops up two of them at the same time one on top of another.

I’ve tested a little bit and when rebuild a srf, if I put down too many uv point, a warning msg will pop up once, but if I hit ok, it will pop up again two more times.

Has anyone else ran into this situation, does this has something to do with faulty installation, or is it a known bug, or is it a compatibility issue with some left over plugin from R5?

Thank you in advance.

I can repeat that here, thanks for reporting.
I have logged the bug as item RH-47721.

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