Misspelling in Rhino 7?

Hi there, I just setup my Rhino 7 and under the “New in V7” tab I found that one of the newly added features is described as “Select dimensions with propery overrrides” where the word “property” lacks a “t” and the word “overrides” has an extra “r”. Here is a screen-shot of that menu:

Rhino Version 7
(7.0.20314.3001, 9.11.2020 г.)



Yep, I see that here in the latest 7.1 release Candidate as well.


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RH-61872 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate


Cool. :slight_smile: That was quick. Thanks!

Make sure to ToolbarReset to see the changes.


Rhino 7 warned me that the “ToolbarReset” command would revert to the default tooldbar layout and close my custom made toolbars. Is that correct?

yes, back up and save any custom bits before you run that command.

I updated to Rhino 7 version “7.1.20343.9491” but the misspelling is still there. I guess I will have to do exactly what you said and do a back-up of my custom toolbar layout. Thanks!

I think the fix is in 7.2.


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Then I may just wait for the next update and not worry about losing some of my custom settings. It took me couple of days to customize Rhino 7 the way I wanted. For now I can live with the misspelling for a few extra weeks. :slight_smile: